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Dear user,

in the past months we have completely revised the e-Edition and are pleased to inform you that you can now use the new website.

The new website is available at www.modern-standard-arabic.net. The relocation of the e-Edition, for the time being, to the .net address was necessary to guarantee a consistent availability. Of course, we have also moved your account with your access to the e-Edition and the corresponding runtime.

For security reasons, you must update your password. You'll still be able to access the old page using your old password.

To update your password, click on the following link or copy it into your browser:

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Enter your e-mail address and click "Reset password".

Our system will send you an e-mail with a confirmation link to reset your password. Afterwards, please check your inbox, including your SPAM folder!

After clicking on the confirmation link in the e-mail, you will be redirected to the renew password page. Enter your new password. Then click "Reset Password". Done.

You may now log in to the new system.

Yours sincerely